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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Choose A New Name For The New England Film Movement

This comes to us from The New England Film Movement:

Let the name race begin!

We will skip the melodrama and get down to business. Our objective as you know, given our fast growth across New England, is to choose a new name for Beanywood (formerly known as the Boston Film Movement) that conveys our representation all across the thirteen states. We want to also be a bridge for an even larger future.

We asked for your suggestions for a new domain name, and you sent us an incredible number of great suggestions, and we're thankful. Now it's time to vote and have an impact on the future of New England Motion Media! Give some consideration to the choices listed below and decide what you think would best represent the growing community that you are an active part of.

newfilmnation.com - Why? Easy to remember, conveys the excitement and potential power of the region. It also conveys a regional connection and a bridge to the future.

massivefilm.com - "Unstoppable" A statement of the massive power moving the New England Film scene forward.

cinaptic.net - "Connecting" From Greek sunaptos, joined together; this term expresses the essential connecting that is needed for cinema to exist.

At this step we are not including the name of the person who suggested each, to avoid it becoming a popularity contest, and to keep it focused on choosing the best name. We want it to convey vibrance, the region, the future and for it to be easy to remember. We have narrowed your many suggestions to just to three. Yet, once voted for and selected, the winning name will bring to its "suggester" great recognition for their important contribution. This brings us to you. We need your votes to see what you'd like to represent you.

Send your votes NOW to thefuture@beanywood.com. The voting will close in just FIVE days.

Also, Mark the date Wednesday, January 30th on your calendar for the New England Film Movement's networking event at the Wonderbar in Allston, MA. We will update you with details.

In addition, one of our strongest supporters from the beginning, Imagine Magazine, is having their yearly awards celebration THIS Tuesday. It is their major event every year. It is an excellent networking event, and usually worth every penny. To get your tickets NOW go to: http://www.imaginenews.com/reservations.html

(This is a non-RIFC Event.)


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