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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Do You Have A Fitness Related Story To Tell?

From RIFC Member Justin Sulham:

I am sending you this email for one reason, a reason very special and very important to me! I am currently working on my first feature length film, a documentary on health and fitness and it's impact on men and women in America today! It's impact on the other elements of peoples live's outside of fitness, such as increased confidence...and so on...

I have several people whom I have been privileged to sit down and speak with regarding this project, and have heard some amazing, motivational and all in all REAL LIFE SURVIVOR STORIES, people who have suffered great personal loss and found a way, through a healthier lifestyle, to keep on going!!!

My goals were athletic based, but after a life-altering accident, was forced to journey in search of a new path, and through this path found myself behind the camera making an effort to tell other peoples amazing stories!!!

Please email ACSAPRODUCTIONS@GMAIL.COM with stories you have relevant to this topic, no story is too big or too small!
I am accepting submissions for this until late February 2008, maybe even earlier if I find my top 5 as only 5 people will be featured in the film, EVERY SINGLE OTHER STORY will be given the same attention and care and shown across Massachusetts on my television show, as well as streamed on several websites!!

In Good Health,
Justin Sulham.

This is not an RIFC Production.


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