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Monday, August 9, 2010

Crew Needed for new Horror Series Pilot in Rhode Island

Hello, my name is Richard Morrow, and I am very interested in joining your
group. Here is in a nutshell what I am trying to accomplish.

This is going to be a new horror series pilot will be shot entirely in Rhode
Island. There will only be three locations for this shoot. A bar atmosphere, a
motel room and a desolate road. This pilot when finished will have resources to
be pitched to major cable networks for consideration through reliable contacts.
The first step of this process is the Director which will be myself as well as I
am seeking Assistant Directors to come aboard!!!!!! This series has NOT been
done before and it will take extreme creative minds to make this work. I am
completely open to new and exciting ideas to make this production a success. It
is a 28 page script and it is a HORROR series THAT WILL WORK!!!!!. The following
crew will be needed in order to start the process.

*An HD camera so I don't have to rent one*
1. A lighting crew.
2. A makeup and special effects crew (preferably with experience with vampires
and werewolves)

3. A Post Production crew
4. Assistant Camera Crew
5. Sound
6. etc.

Once these positions, or partial improvational postions are filled, we will have
a reserved casting call in downtown Providence for the casting call which is

PLEASE NOTE: This WILL get you credits only on this but it will be a very QUICK
SHOOT if all goes well and will be WELL WORTH YOUR TIME as we will promote this
into a possible series that can go huge into the film industry if we all
impliment our ideas to make this happen. I am pushing to pitch this to HBO or
SHOWTIME through reliable contacts and I am VERY optimistic and VERY excited
about this project and hope we can as a TEAM make this happen!!!! Take a chance
on me as I will go all the way for you!!!!


Richard C. Morrow

* Location: RHODE ISLAND
* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial
* Compensation: no pay PostingID: 1879718602
(This is not an RIFC Production)


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