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Monday, August 2, 2010

Award Winning Filmmakers Seek Crew for Upcoming Feature

We are in pre-production for a feature-length psychological thriller that will be shooting in the Boston area over the last three weeks of September. The film will be directed by award-winning independent filmmaker Alex Karpovsky, whose last two features premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival (for more info, please visit www.alexkarpovsky.com). The film is co-written and produced by Garth Donovan, whose last award-winning feature ("Phillip The Fossil" www.phillipthefossil.com) premiered at the 2010 South by Southwest back in March.

A raw and terrifying depiction of contemporary isolation, this slow burning, atmospheric and character-driven story focuses on an alienated researcher in his early forties harboring an unreciprocated infatuation a younger technician who works with him at a Boston-area laboratory.

We are looking to fill several positions for our shoot. We will not be able to offer upfront payment for services but we can provide generous deferred payment packages (as well as many delicious meals during the shoot). The positions include:

Daily call sheets, contractual paperwork (agreements, release forms, permits, etc.), organizing transportation, managing craft services and generally helping us keep a tight ship.

Digitizing, backing up, labeling and organizing footage (we will be working with the Canon 7D camera). Also, time permitting, creating a rough assembly during the shoot and potentiality continuing on as a main editor through post-production.

Assisting the cinematographer with lighting, equipment and electrical needs.

Create overall look look, feel and style of our sets as well as manage wardrobe and prop needs.

General help of all shapes and sizes.

Please reply to: thrillerproject@gmail.com
(This is not an RIFC Production)


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