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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Networking Notes; Stuff for new space

Here are notes from July's networking meeting - a lot of it revolved around the 48 Hour Film Project. Special thanks to Debbie "boots" Condit for taking these notes!

Remember the next meeting is on Tuesday, August 10th, 7pm at the Wild Colonial, 250 South Water Street, Providence, RI



After Mark Fogarty announced how the Networking Meeting works and about all the monthly RIFC meetings and events, Jay Walker gave a very thorough explanation of how the 48 Hour Film Project works, from signing up teams locally in the beginning to the final International competition.  The Providence winning team gets a small cash stipend, trophy, script-writing software and represents our city in the International competition. All other winning teams get a small cash stipend and trophy. Jay had posters available for volunteers to post.

Dana Neugent, who made the fishing industry documentary, “Truth: Fishing Crisis or Government  Mismanagement” that will be premiering at the RIIFF said that there would be a free fish dinner for those who attended the showing on Aug. 15. More information can be found at www.filmfestival.org.

Congratulations went out to the RIFC affiliated feature film, Sleather, which will also be shown at the 2010 Rhode Island International Film Festival. Anthony and Erica of The 989 Project are always looking for volunteers to help with marketing ideas, as well as looking for crew for their shorts, industrials, etc. Anthony said they are also looking for PA’s and to give him a resume. Some jobs are paid positions.

Jay Walker is looking for people with equipment in September to do some short films that he’s working on. He’s also looking for writers to adapt a theatre script into screenplay. He can be contacted at filmtv@jaywalkeronline.com.

Todd LeCompte, Officer Liaison, said the RIFC is adding to their Communications Team and to let him know if anyone is interested. Todd, also of TSL Productions, said they have many non-union casting calls and projects coming up. They are also interested in working with high school students, and it’s a great way to get experience.

Anthony Ambrosino announced that Kay Studios is looking for some people to do editing for a concert video. No pay involved, but you get to work with J Giles footage.


New RIFC Space

Now that the RIFC is developing space, we're looking for two things:

  • If you have film-related or display related equipment you'd like to donate to a non-profit, we now have a place to put it! No pressure, I'm just saying...
  • We would like to start to decorate the space in a spirit of local film. If you have props, posters, etc from a local production, we'd like to showcase it. Get in touch with us at this email address. And Joey Pants, if you're listening, we'd still love a pair of your pants to hang on the wall!





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