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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Camera Ops Needed

From Rod Webber:

I'm looking for camera operators ASAP.

I think everyone on this list is at least somewhat acquainted with my
doc "A Man Among Giants."
Well, this past Wednesday, I discovered that the film's subject Doug
'Tiny' Tunstall had been sent to prison and subsequently committed to
a mental hospital in Rhode Island. His crime: Wanting to see his
daughter. He has once again requested that I document what transpires.

You can see the new stuff on my "Rod Webber" facebook page,
but facebook is the only place I will be posting for security reasons.
Go to www.amanamonggiants.com to see the 15 teaser for the original film.

If you're interested, I'll be shooting randomly as needed. Your own
HDV, HD or even standard def cam would help, but not necessary.
If needed, I will get you lunch and expenses, and in rare cases of
extreme urgency, I might be able to pay you-- but I'm basically
looking for adventure seekers who want a good story to tell...

Be warned... it's like being on a stake-out... lot's of downtime waiting
for that payoff, but when it does, it pays off big. Every second
counts in documentary! You will have some crazy stories to tell.

Beginners with proper
attitude welcome.

I'm also looking for a Rhode Island attorney who can help Tiny directly...
If you're wondering whether I've crossed the journalistic line by
making the lawyer request, the answer is yes... and I will be doing so
repeatedly, because some things are more important... Also, anyone in
the press who might be able to help.
We are planning a big event for the original in the very near future.


Rod Webber 781-223-4878
Movies, Music & Art
Search "Rod Webber" on iTunes

This is not an RIFC Production


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