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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Neo-film Noir (Mini DV) Seeks Editor/ADR

to work for feature editing experience & profits on the back end (we WILL have distribution).

Based on Quincy Dominatrix case with 13+ newspapers & 3 TV stations
covering. Scenes of BDSM, nudity, sex, violence, serial killers, etc.
Wikipedia entries “Cricket Snapper” and “Lawson Welles”,www.cricketsnapper.com and
www.myspace.com/cricketsnapper give our story & press. Our photos show who
we’re associated with.

Lawson Welles recently completed his role in the upcoming Hollywood indie,
“Boston Girls”, starring Camille Solari, Danny Trejo, Robert Miano & Jon
Saphire, one of the stars of “Cricket Snapper”. And LW wouldn’t mind
having a film to shop around L.A. during the upcoming Hollywood premiere,

Reels/resumes a.s.a.p. to P.O. Box 5374, Fall River, MA 02723 or email links.
Contact: Scott Stets at Phoenix Rising Films, scottstets@aol.com.
Website: http://www.cricketsnapper.com

(This is not an RIFC Production!)


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