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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Matthew Davies Thesis Film

STUDENT FILM - please contact Matthew directly

Schedule: Shooting will be taking place in the first two week of February. Please contact me at mdavies@g.risd.edu or at 970-690-2111. Thank you for your interest

Carl: lead, 20-24: Carl is the killer's boyfriend and final victim. He is a scruffy, slightly beefy bohemian who genuinely loves painting and is always willing to have an adventure. He is laid back yet intelligent.

Detective Joe Bello: 40-60, male, white, supporting. Joe Bello is competent, intelligent, and has been a homicide detective for too long to care too much about the cases, but he still gets satisfaction from concluding them. He does his job well, but his personal sense of righteousness has long been lost.

Detective Andy Smith: 30-50, male, black, supporting. Andy loves detective work, but more as a puzzle to solve rather than a moral problem. He doesn't talk much, but is an imposing presence and is always thinking a few steps ahead in his silence.

Jamie Duvall: 40-60, male or female, supporting. Mr. Duvall is a very good teacher, but a little lenient in terms of fostering his kids' personal "artistic visions." He believes anything can be art, as long as it is well made and thought out.

Trucker: 40-60, male, supporting. He is a lonely, meth and alcohol addled man, and when he sees Emma at an empty gas station in the middle of nowhere he can't help himself. Little does he know what he is letting himself in for.
(This is not an RIFC Production)


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