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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Exile Movies looking for Marketing Director for the Feature-film "smalltown"

We are a small film production company looking for help marketing our feature film "smalltown" as well as several other projects. We are looking for creative, organized and driven people to collaborate with in trying to get this film out to the public.

This is an unpaid job, however, this could be a great opportunity for someone looking to break in to the film industry. The film was shot using the RED camera and has great potential for distribution.

The qualified person should have a sensibility which corresponds to the type of movie this is. This is a darkly funny, twisted and brutal movie. Think along the lines of films like True Romance, Happiness, Oldboy, Kickass, Sin City, Fargo, Escape From New York, Devil's Rejects, etc. We are looking for someone who appreciates films of a similar style.

Here is a description of the film:

An action adventure mythic thriller set in a suburban wasteland, smalltown is a once beautiful suburb ruined by poverty and devastated by corporate greed overrun by drugs, poverty, prostitution and violence. For years the town has lived under two warlords, the Druglord and the Pimp. A truce between these two fathers was born, and has kept the town at peace. But not for long. War is on it's way to smalltown.

When Logan is caught trying to bring down the druglord and is sentenced to death, his girlfriend, Sasha, begs the town pimp, Logan's estranged brother, Roarke, to help save him, offering herself to him. Sasha and Roarke race against the druglord's servants to save Logan and end the druglord's reign over smalltown. In order to save Logan they must make their way through the town on foot, facing brutal gangsters, corrupt cops, desperate drug addicts, soulless teenagers and a hidden army of freaks, while Logan makes his way to the edge of town, haunted by the ghost of the girl he could not save, and hunted by the Druglord's men. Part action thriller/ part social commentary with elements of comedy and horror, "smalltown" is a modern myth with echoes of The Warriors, The Odyssey, Lord of The Rings, Escape From New York, Sin City, Pulp Fiction and Casablanca.

You can find out more about us at www.exilemovies.com

Internship can be arranged with your school for credit.

If interested, contact Mark at m@exilemovies.com


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