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Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Battery Operated Girlfriend" Seeking Props & Locations

From Producer Scott:
Our next masterwork is called Battery Operated Girlfriend, a dark comedy full of influences from the 1950's and Looney Tunes cartoons. We'll be shooting soon, probably the first two weekends in June. Please take a look at the lists below and let Producer Scott know if you can help at sm@sublux.net or 617-640-0185. THANK YOU!

--Fun 50's gadgets and garage tools
--Science-y things...like the classic jacob's ladder that should be part of every respectable mad scientist lab
--We need to have a fancy cake made (50's style with fondant), and also cupcakes that spell out "Apologies". Anybody know someone at a good bakery? We'll pay, just hoping for a discount as the current quote is $104 for the cake alone!
--Need a round cake pan / cake mold. About 8-10" round and high.
--Counterweight for a balancing scale
--Solder gun

--KITCHEN / Our biggest need. Sounds easy but half the script takes place here and it has specific requirements. It needs to be larger than average with high ceilings and have an oven that faces the middle of the room. The oven door needs to have a window so we can see what's baking inside. We want to put a small table for two in the kitchen (or the room next to it) for the characters to eat at. Best if it's colorful (or if we could paint it and then re-paint it back). We need to shoot here for two full days so we'll pay $$ if we have to!
--HALLWAY / A long hallway, not too many doors

--Art Dept folks. We have an entire mad scientist lab to set up and run. We'll have beakers and test tubes and bubbling things. We also have a smoke ring gun to shoot smoke from some sort of machine.
(This is not an RIFC Production)


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