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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Audition Notice:

M.E.S. Productions is holding an open casting call for their short film "His Take On Her". Auditions to be held at the Brooklyn Coffee And Tea House on Saturday, June 12, 2010 from 1pm until 6pm.

LOGLINE: Comedy ensues when a gullible film director romances a seemingly suicidal poet.

There are four main characters that we are holding auditions for:

Steve - late twenties to late thirties, Body type: should be fit, athletic, strong, some stunt work experience desirable.
Elena - mid twenties to mid thirties. Body type: neither very heavy or very thin. Some experience reading poetry is a plus.
Ronald - late twenties to mid forties, an ability to speak in a refined, eloquent, and erudite manner is necessary.
Pete - fifties, should have a convincing working class accent.

These parts pay $250

You MUST be available the week of September 19th through the 26th.

For more info and to download the sides that will be read and the full screenplay go to http://johndevault.com/casting/

Questions: contact John Devault: jsdevault@verizon.net
Facebook: John Spencer Devault

SYNOPSIS: Steven Bichelle is a talented filmmaker trying to put together his first feature length project with a couple of crazy buddies. Enter Elena Samson a poet and an aspiring actress. They fall in love but there are complications. Elena appears to be suicidal and one of Steve's buddies is convinced that it's only a matter of short time before she offs herself. To compound matters Elena wants to be in Steve's film but he is very cool to the idea. Can Steve save her, his romance, and his film or will disaster strike?
(This is not an RIFC Production)


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