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Thursday, March 18, 2010

RIPRO (www.ripro.org) is spreading the word about the following online tool tosupport the RI Film Tax Credit.

If you’re connected to the film industry, you’re probably aware of the controversy around the Film Tax Credit in the last few years.

The credit served to draw a number of larger budget flims and TV series to Rhode Island in previous years. Then our state government put a cap on the program, deterring large productions (they never knew whether credits would remain, by the time they shot). In the meantime, Mass and CT had started duplicating the success of RI’s program, so many productions moved to those states.

The consequence has been a dramatic decrease in the amount of film-related work in Rhode Island. Now, the governor has proposed removing it entirely, which will effectively end any mid- or large- budget filmmaking in Rhode Island. We have already seen a number of independent projects shift to Massachusetts and CT because of the tax situation.

If you’re getting this email, you likely care enough about the film community and industry to not want this to happen. HELP the tax credit by sending a clear, personal message to your representatives in State government.

RIPRO, the local organization of professional film and video organizations, has launched a tool that allows film supporters to quickly and easily send this message.

All you have to do is enter your information – an email supporting the tax credit will automatically be sent to your representatives, congressmen and elected officials who can make a difference on this issue. Constituents rarely do this, so when they take the time to do it in large numbers, our representatives DO take notice!! We just need to act together.

If you’d like to personalize the message, that’s also easy to do here – but if you only have a minute or two, please send in your support!

If you know anyone who might also be interested, please forward this message!

Just go to www.ripro.org and fill in your information. Thank you very much.


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