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Monday, March 8, 2010

An Amazing Show of Support!

A Message from Chuck Slavin:

It gives me great pleasure to have seen two packed state houses in support of film. The first hearing that I attended was in Rhode Island. The numbers of supporters at the Rhode Island hearing many were left watching testimony in the halls of the state house on closed circuit TV. as the hearing room could only accommodate a small number. Director Michael Corrente, and Actor James woods, were brought in by the film commission; their testimony was passionate, factual, convincing, and made for a very compelling argument. The Rhode Island Film Office did an excellent job of defending the Rhode Island Film Credit. Rhode Island Film Director Steven Feinberg really stood up for the Film Credit and showed with out a doubt why the Rhode Island Film Credit works! A tip of the hat to Steven for seizing the moment and defending film with his unwavering testimony! The Rhode Island Film Commision has set up another hearing for tomorrow with the Rhode Island Senate Finance Committee. The follow-up meeting to discuss the film proposal will be at 2 PM ON TUES. 3/09 IN ROOM 211 OF The Rhode Island State House!! This may be the last chance to plead our cases for film in Rhode Island.

In Mass through coordinated efforts by the MPC, SAG/Aftra Office, and IATSE; we were able to have a great rally which required a change of venue to the Gardner Auditorium to accommodate the great number of supporters of the Mass Film Industry. For those of you who do not know the Gardner Auditorium is the largest room in the Mass State House and we packed it!!! Opponents of the Film Tax Credit seemed to fire every bit of ammunition they had to rollback the mass film credit. Our size and magnitude we were able to battle back. The allies of the Mass Film Credit gave a great showing of facts and figures to combat House Bill 3854, but we lost a chance to capitalize on the momentum on the positive effects on the film industry in Massachusetts without the testimony of our film commissioner. Although he was in attendance we were all very surprised and disappointed that the top film leader did not come to our defense against one the most important piece of legislation that impacts jobs in the film community. This is another reason why there is a need for an official state agency as is a case in Rhode Island. Though it would appear that our efforts may have swayed the panel in Mass. in future hearings we will need the leadership of an official film office to defend the film industry and future jobs that impact our lives.

This is a war for these film credits in New England that crosses all state borders and professions, occupations and we must remain vigilant, but with knowledge, organization and dissemination of true facts we will succeed. There are many more battles ahead, but I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who showed up, testified, gave written testimony, rallied, and emailed their public officials on behalf of the film community. The New England Film Movement continues....


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