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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Casting at RIFC Actors' Workshop February 16

This comes to us from Jay Walker:

Next week at the RIFC Actors' Workshop, Karen Iacobbo from the SENE Film, Music & Art Festival will be casting for four short films she has written. I have cut & pasted the details from our Facebook event page. Please follow this link to RSVP: [http://www.facebook.com/event.php?invites&eid=290625279354]. If you don't have a Facebook account, I definitely recommend getting one & joining our group there; if you don't want one, then let me know & I'll keep you posted from here & the RIFC list serve.

Casting for a SENE Film project: four short films written & cast by Karen Iacobbo. [* denotes roles >possibly< pre-cast]

"For the Earth" - A hippie man is an ardent environmentalist, when environmentalism is taken to the next level.
STEWART* - Hippie Male, middle-age or older, Manager
BRAD - Sharp-looking businessman, exexutive-type 40-50ish
CASHIER - female
TEEN GIRL - 15 or so, dressed in jeans, environmental slogan t-shirt
2 STORE DETECTIVES (plain clothes) -- male and female
2 ECO-POLICE OFFICERS (SWAT type attire) -- macho males
JUDGE - Middle-age or Elder Hippie-ish lady, Earth Mother appearance
JURY - a dozen or so folks; variety of types of people

"Vegetable" - Two cousins on opposite sides of a controversy do what they believe is the right thing to do.
WENDY - white middle-age, suburban-looking lady, soccer mom type
PROTESTERS - variety of ages and types of people: middle class suburban, preppy, urban, Hippie-ish
ALLAN - white middle-age man, individualistic, but not too far-out
DOCTOR* - male or female, middle-age or elder, authoritarian, looks like an arrogant, successful, condescending physician

"Home Grown" - Measures taken for the good of society may not be so good for everyone
MOTHER - white, middle-class suburban soccer mom type 30s or 40s
TEEN GIRL* - white, typical suburban teen girl, 15 or so
TEEN FRIEND* - typical suburban teen girl, 15 or so
2 POLICE - males, macho
NETWORK NEWS REPORTER* - female, a professional-looking lady
WORKER #1 - male, middle-age, slumpy?, over-bearing confidence, pushy, but a somewhat friendly, likable enough person
WORKER #2 - male, middle-age (a little younger than Worker One), insecure, somewhat timid, anxious
NEIGHBOR - male/female; any age, build

"Her First Newspaper Commentary" - Doing what we believe to be right takes courage; sometimes encouragement can come from an unexpected source.
UNCLE - white, older middle-age or elder man, lovable, kindly
MARISSA* - 20s or early 30s confident, out-spoken in a pleasant way,
Suburban middle-class but a little artsy
RICO - white, supportive, same age as Marissa, suburban, middle-class
JACK (voice only) - rushed, aggressive newspaper editor
DOCTOR (voice only) - authoritarian, subtlely cruel and menacing voice

Everyone is invited to bring any scene or monologue that they want/need to memorize/analyze from a film or other production. If time allows, we will open the floor to these projects.
(This is not an RIFC Production)


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