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Monday, February 8, 2010

Casting Call for Feature Film "Snowflake"

Golidlocks Productions is holding it’s final casting call for the feature film Snowflake due to be shot in May 2009. The film will be shot under the ultra low budget SAG agreement, and we will be casting both SAG and NON SAG actors in the film.

For more info on the project go to www.snowflake-movie.com

Boston Castings will be held by appt on Saturday March 6th and Sunday March 7th at

ViewFinder Productions
423 West Broadway
Boston, MA 02127

Worcester Castings will be held by OPEN CALL beginning at 6pm Sunday March 14th

Canal Lounge
90 Harding Street
Worcester, MA 01604

Also, if you are a singer or rapper, we’d love to see what talent you have and possibly work you into a club scene.

Please email your headshot to snowflakecasting@yahoo.com for an appointment.

These are some of the main characters in the film:

The role of Jesse has already been cast, but is included as reference.
Jesse Ashton (white female, 21 years)  is a natural beauty with her own style of city/b-girl clothes.  Jesse grew up in a wealthy family in an affluent town...in fact, she's still trapped there with her parents Gerald and Rose.  In such a controlling environment where conservative conformity is the norm, Jesse turns to hip-hop for self-expression and exploration.  The problem is that she is not fully accepted in either world.  She's too rebellious to work for her mother's prestigious law firm, yet not street enough for the clubs.  Jesse's ambition is to not only be accepted as a rapper, but also become financially independent as an artist.  What drives her is the memory of her deceased brother, Kevin, who introduced her to hip hop and taught her that life should be about your own passion, not what others demand of you.  But what is Jesse willing to sacrifice to become the next big thing?  

Jamal (African-American male, 25 years) is a tall and thin rapper, and is the perfect blend of book and street smart that reflects in his clothes and rhymes. Jamal is Jesse's friend and voice of reason.  Jamal and Jesse met at the independent record store where they both work.  As a local hip-hop hero himself, it was Jamal that helped Jesse craft herself into the artist she is today by providing her with moral support, tracks to back her vocals and critiquing her performance.  Jamal also has ambitions to make it as a rapper; however, he refuses to comprise his artistic integrity.  Jamal raps from the heart and connected with Jesse on lyrical content.  He respects her as a person and an artist and believes in her abilities.  Now that's she's getting attention from the new "it" producer Diamond Roy, he's starting to question is she can stay true to her art form, and more importantly, stay true to herself.

Adam (white male, 23 years) is Jamal's sidekick and Jesse's biggest fan.  Adam also works at the record store and has been helping Jamal cook beats for a long time.  Adam is a punk rocker by look and trade, but loves hip hop music and supports Jamal and Jesse with everything that they do...maybe a little too much.  Adam, although he tries, can't hide very well that he'd like to be more than friends with Jesse.  So often in order to gain favor with her, he enables Jesse's drinking problem.  Adam would like to see both Jamal and Jesse succeed in the game, assuming he'd ride along with them.  But his actions to have Jesse like him sometimes hurt more than they help.

Big Moe (African-American male, 35 years) is a big, beefy force to be reckoned with.  Big Moe is a local Boston producer who just had one of his artists "Klep" signed to Sony records.  He's the new big shot in town and looking to increase his wealth by getting more artists signed, and he's not afraid to use his size (figuratively and literally) to get what he wants.  Big Moe sees dollar signs when he first sees Jesse perform--a pretty white girl with skills.  He takes Jesse under his wing to help her grow and become marketable, but at the end of the day, it's all about business.  If he's going to invest his time, he will ensure to get a return on his investment no matter who he crosses or how.  

Trick (African-American male, 25 years) is a built rapper who is top to bottom street thug.  Under Big Moe's direction, he's trying to be the next Lil Wayne.  Trick has local success and is on the cusp of really blowing up.  But his ego trips him up so that he thinks too much of himself and doesn't put in the time and effort needed to get to the next level.  That's where he and Big Moe have tension...and the tension only increases when Trick's rapper girlfriend, Vanessa, shows that she will do anything to get a shot at the limelight...anything.  When Big Moe brings on Jesse, Trick questions Moe’s ability to stay true to the game and he gives Jesse a hard time.  But as time passes, Trick sees that Jesse's abilities are real...he may even see more in Jesse than Moe.

Vanessa (African-American female, 25 years) is a hot, curvy bitch you love to hate.  An in your face, verbally abusive woman, Vanessa is Jesse's nemesis and makes this fact very public. Vanessa's disrespect for Jesse increases into sabotage as she becomes more and more threatened by her.  As an artist, Vanessa's lyrics and performance make Foxy Brown and Lil Kim seem like Sunday School teachers.  Vanessa is the epitome of a "sex sells" attitude that she and Big Moe try to capitalize on, regardless of her boyfriend and fellow rapper, Trick's feelings.  She will do anything to make it, but how far is she really willing to take it?  Does she truly believe in the ends justify the means?

Gerald Ashton (white male, 55 years) is a tall, athletic man who is corporate conservative in dress and manner and CEO of a multi-million dollar company.  As Jesse's father, he is emotionally withdrawn, as he has been grieving the loss of his son, Kevin.  The only interactions he has with Jesse are to command her to follow in the "proper" footsteps that he and her mother had taken to succeed in life.  But Gerald and Jesse have two very different definitions of success.  Jesse hides her hip hop life from her parents, so Gerald can only guess what she's up to so late at night, night after night.  Will she slip into the same pattern her brother was in before he died?  Not on Gerald's watch.  But the more he tightens his grip on Jesse, the more she slips through his fingers.   

Rose Ashton (white female, 50 years) is a very beautiful, but tough lawyer who is a partner in a very successful law firm.  As Jesse's mother, she tries her best to support Jesse, but is only supporting her on her own terms--she doesn't listen to what is truly in Jesse's heart.  Rose tries to balance her tough businesswoman exterior with being a nurturing mother, but it often gets lost.  She does not understand why Jesse dropped out of college and why she seems to be floundering with no sense of direction.  After the death of her son, Kevin, Rose has tried to keep her mind on the practice and just allows Gerald space to grieve in his own way.  But she can feel the space increasing between all three of them, and despite her success at work, can not seem to figure out how to solve the family problem.  

There are also other supporting roles to be cast for…. And we need a lot of extras and music performers in scenes. These are just the main characters in the film. Thanks!
(This is not an RIFC Production)


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