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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Make the best short film, in New London, in just four days.

Neff Productions, in association with SECT Film, The City of New London and the New London Film Commission, are proud to announce the first filmmaking competition in New London. This competition is being put on for filmmakers, both local an non, as a primer for larger film competitions and film-related events in the near future.
The concept is simple.

Film teams have four days to script, shoot, edit and score a short film with a running time between 4 - 7 minutes, all within a four day period, after receiving the criteria for their their films, including a random genre, a prop that must be used, a character's name and a line of dialogue, all of which must be used in the film produced.

Film team members all must be volunteers, and the tasks allowed before the contest is the assembling of crew and actors, the securing of equipment and the scouting/securing of locations. All creative work will take place in the four days allotted.

The information for this project is extensive and can be gotten by emailing a request to bj@neffproductions.com, or by stopping in the office of Neff Productions at 2 State Street, New London, CT (right over Zavala's Mexican Restaurant).
A brief summary of the rules and regulations of this competition are as follows:

The registration fee per team is $50.
A $$$ cash award $$$ will be given to the winning film.

Pre-registered film teams (of no specific number of team members), or a representative of, will convene at the Bean & Leaf, located on 13 Washington Street, New London, CT, on Friday, November 20th beginning at 7pm to draw a random genre and receive all the other criteria for their films. After that the process begins.

All footage must be shot in New London. The City of New London will issue a blanket permit for filmmakers to shoot in town. We ask film teams to be as cooperative, respectful and as unobtrusive as they can manage.

Filmmakers must own the rights to all footage, music and related media used in any film. No previously shot footage can be used.
All production/post-production ends at 7pm on Tuesday, November 24th.

Deliverables (completed DVD screener copies and related wrap-up paperwork) must be delivered to the Neff Productions office by no later than 7:30p on Tuesday, November 24th. Films submitted after 7:30p will not qualify for the competition.

The films will be reviewed by a panel of judges and screened at a reception and party at the Bean & Leaf on Wednesday, November 25th. Awards will be given.

Once again, above was an abbreviated summary of the competition. All interested filmmakers should email bj@neffproductions.com or call 860.443.3786 for answers to any questions or to have registration paperwork and guidelines emailed to them.

New London has always been a multi-disciplined town regarding its artistic pursuits. Its art, music, poetry and theater scenes have had their share in the limelight, and have thrived. Filmmaking is a relatively new wave of creative expression, and for those filmmakers in the area, and those outside of it, here's an opportunity to show everyone what you've got.
(This is not an RIFC Production)


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