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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TSL Production is seeking experienced Non-union actors for Trailer shoot in preparation for feature film tentatively entitled, "What A Pill".

Auditions will be held in the Providence area, by appointment, the evening of Monday, October 26, 2009. To be considered for the audition, please send current head shot and resume to Casting@TSLproduction.com

The following roles need to be filled:

OLD JACK - mid-to-late 50's, 200+ pounds, out of shape
OLD JOEY - mid-to-late 50's, but looks 40's, more in shape
YOUNG JACK MAX - 23 years old, thin, handsome
JOSE - late teens/early 20's dark skinned latino, street wise, handsome
CARLA - Crazed woman in SUV - middle aged, overweight, puffy, distraught
OMAR OMAN - late 20's Middle Eastern University Chem Lab Professor
DOMINIC - 20's cool italian handsome club guy
YOUNG GYM GUY- 20's physically fit

GYM EXTRAS - present day (male & female)
CLUB EXTRAS - present day (male, 40's & 50's)
CLUB EXTRAS - 1979 (male, 20's)

To be considered for the audition, please send current head shot and resume to Casting@TSLproduction.com.

"What A Pill" is the story of two aging gay men whose hairlines are heading north, their waistlines are heading east, and their lives are heading south very fast. A series of escalating tragedies happen to one of the two that leads him to the point where he doesn't want to live anymore. He surreptitiously gets a hold of some pills he hopes will "end it all" but that turn out to be "Fountain of Youth" pills instead.

It's not a "gay" movie per se, but a movie about life and ageism, with universal appeal.


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