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Friday, August 28, 2009


Pawtucket Film Festival - Sat Sept 5th 12:30pmPawtucket
Visitor Center Theater 175 Main, St Pawtucket RIAdmission:
$10 includes food, drinks, free t-shirt, Interactive Video Folk Art Event, Screening of Buddha Gouda Video Folk Art Cartoons - Mano Kamnaa, Blobster, Boudreaux the BeadDog, Clasp, Buckle Flap VIDEO FOLK ART FOR KIDS You are invited to come and make video folk art with the MadameGertrude Lafayette McBean the Grand Duchess of Pawtucket at the Festival! You are invited to be part of a video folk art production,
getting to pick stories, create characters out of recycled materials, rehearsing and star in a video folk art film. Costumes and characters used will be recycled into DVD packaging everyone gets a copy of all of the films they starred in. We will make several movies starring you and you can take them home with you. We suggest
you bring recyclable materials such as cereal boxes, plastic, cardboard,
old magazines, etc. that we can use to make characters for our video folk art films. See you downtown!
Below are the links for the Video Folk Art Event:http://www.videofolkart.com/http://www.buddhagouda.com/http://www.pawtucketartsfestival.org/admin@buddhagouda.com Video Folk Art was voted
Editor's Choice by Make Magazine at the 2009 San Francisco Maker Faire.
The RIFC is a partner with the Pawtucket Film Festival


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