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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Local FILMmakers Hope That Their New Project “Kills”!

From: Dave Borges

Cell: 508-328-5300
Email: daveb@endlessspectrumstudios.com

ESS releases their second film, a dark comedy about the misadventures of two hit men.

“What are you gonna stop being my friend because your mommy doesn’t like me?” isn’t exactly the type of line you expect to hear out of the mouth of a contract killer, but it’s exactly what you get in the new short film series by Endless Spectrum Studios.

Clean Livin’, the new ongoing web series from ESS is a dark comedy that takes a closer look at some of the less glamorous moments in the careers Bobby and Vinny; two hit men played by local actors, Joe Siriani and Greg Paul. Released monthly, these shorts are chapters of a much bigger story. “Each episode is snap shot of a moment that happens during a ‘hit’,” Says writer Eric Lebow “and each story arc, or season, is the story of that ‘hit’.” Currently Clean Livin’ is a 4 part series but this is only the tip of the iceberg. “We’ve got the next 5 or 6 episodes written and we’ve talked about ideas for another 4 or 5 on top of that,” Lebow says. “Then if we were ever able to get a real budget, that’s when we’d break out some of the really cool stuff we’ve talked about from day one.”

Endless Spectrum Studios has been around since 2005, and it’s first film release THE SINNING FLESH, A BED TIME STORY garnered the local story tellers some attention back in 2007 when it was screened at the Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival. Since then the RI based company has worked on several different projects for both personal and commercial clients.

ESS invites one and all to screen the first episode of Clean Livin’ ongoing series at http://www.endlessspectrumstudios.com/films/cleanlivin.html and on YouTube.

If you’d like more information on Clean Livin’ or Endless Spectrum Studios please Call Dave Borges at 508-328-5300 or email Dave at daveb@endlessspectrumstudios.com

This is not an RIFC Production.


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