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Monday, February 22, 2010

The 2010 Creative Spirit Awards™

Celebrating the Creative Spirit in Books, Film, and Music!

The March 1st Early Bird Deadline is approaching fast!
If you haven’t already submitted, we invite you to submit today!

It's every Author, Musician and Filmmaker’s desire to generate notoriety, credibility and buzz about their work, and winning this significant award is the vehicle in which to make your creation stand out as the exemplary work it is. To further help winners achieve this recognition, following the close of the competition, press releases with information on the Creative Spirit Award™ Winners will be sent to key book sellers, film and music distributors, and other sales and marketing entities.

Being a Creative Spirit Award™ winner will inspire confidence in buyers, distributors, readers and prospective clients that Creative Spirit Award™ winning productions are of high quality and worthy of their attention.

The Creative Spirit Awards™ celebrate the individual artist as well as their work through a panel of judges who have excelled in their respective fields. As such, awards are only presented to those filmmakers, musicians and authors who create fresh, standout, and exemplary creations in their field. Each work is judged solely on its own merits and not in competition with other submissions. The Creative Spirit Awards™ honors its winners with Platinum, Gold, or Silver Awards.

The competition is open to Independent Films, Studio Films, Corporate Films, Independent/Local Musicians, Musicians signed with large or small record labels, Self-Published Authors, Authors signed with a large or small publishing company, or any artist who has created a film, music or book project.

Please note that we did not get your email from a purchased mass email list. Our mailing list was generated by the Creative Spirit Awards marketing crew who have researched each web site on our list to ensure that you, your work, or your client's/author's/catalog's work fit our criteria for submission to the competition.

The Early Bird Deadline is March 1st!
You are invited to submit today!
(This is not an RIFC Production)


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