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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Verdi-Corrente Productions, LLC Attaches Young Hollywood to Star in its First Production, PAZ

For interviews contact MIXED MEDIA/Ginny Shea
office: 401 942 8025
Images available upon request

As previously announced, Verdi-Corrente Productions (VCP) will produce five major motion pictures in Rhode Island, starting in early 2010. Paz, the company's first project, tells the remarkable, inspirational true story of the comeback of boxer Vinny Pazienza after a devastating neck injury.

Scott Caan, of the Ocean's 11 series, will play the title role. In addition to Ocean's 11, 12 and 13, Scott has appeared in Gone in 60 Seconds, Varsity Blues, Brooklyn Rules and Boiler Room among others. A tough actor, Scott has the swagger and build necessary to convincingly portray the flamboyant boxer.

Chad Verdi, president of VCP who traveled to LA to meet Scott in person stated, "He is the Hollywood version of Vinny Paz. Very few people could play this role. I feel he's the best actor to fill Vinny's shoes. Scott can show the world what Vinny was made of, what he went through on his way to making what is often called "the greatest comeback in sports history." Michael Corrente, who directed Caan in Brooklyn Rules, stated. "I have seen too many actors in boxing films that had very little boxing ability and it always takes me out of the picture. Scott can handle himself very well in the ring as everyone will soon see!"

Another stellar talent, Jerry Ferrara, of the hugely popular HBO series, Entourage, will play Vinny's best friend. Jerry's mass appeal, evident in his portrayal of the likeable "Turtle", on Entourage provides the perfect balance to the tough journey "Paz" undertakes. "Jerry is a very gifted and smart actor who understands this material very well," says Corrente. "Jerry told me Paz was his favorite fighter!"

Joey Fatone, cast as part of Team Paz, appeared in Homie Spumoni, but is best known for his roles in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The Cooler and as a member of the wildly successful group, N'Sync.

For those unfamiliar with this dramatic, feel-good story, Vinny Pazienza was the relentless boxer and showman who became a popular champion in the late 1980's and early '90's. Weeks after winning his second world championship, his throne atop the boxing world was toppled in a near-fatal car accident. Told he may never walk again, Vinny clung to the relentless spirit that drove him to become champion. With an attitude of "Fight or Die," Vinny regained his mobility and disobeyed doctors orders to build his body back into fighting form. With a mended neck, he re-entered the ring and, incredibly, reclaimed his spot as world champion, inspiring many to claim the Vinny Pazienza story "sport's greatest comeback".

VCP acquired the sole rights to Vinny's story. The upcoming movie was written by Director Glenn Ciano, Peter Conti of Columbia University, and Tom DeNucci, also cast as a member of Team Paz. VCP is considering selling the book rights based on the current screenplay.

Additional casting announcements will be forthcoming. "We are still in negotiations with several other Hollywood actors that will propel this movie to new heights including James Caan (Godfather, Marcy, Elf, Get Smart) for the role of Angelo, Vinny's father, and Jamie Lynn Sigler, who most notably played Meadow on HBO's The Soprano's, to play Vinny's long time girlfriend. Sigler's other projects include Entourage and Homie Spumoni, in which she worked with "Paz" writer/director Glenn Ciano.
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