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Monday, July 13, 2009


July 13, 2009

PROVIDENCE, R.I. –– The Rhode Island State Council on the Arts has awarded a grant to the makers of BEHIND THE HEDGEROW, a feature-length documentary about Newport society that will be broadcast on PBS in 2010. The grant is the second for the movie, which began production last month in Newport.

“We thank RISCA for helping make this movie possible,” said G. Wayne Miller, producer and writer, in whose name the grant was awarded. “Without this kind of support, projects like this simply can’t happen.”

In awarding the grant, RISCA recognized the artistic merit of the movie. The panel that judged the BEHIND THE HEDGEROW application said the movie had promise to be a presentation of “great concepts through an interesting narrative.”

In April, BEHIND THE HEDGEROW received a production grant from the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities.

The movie, from Miller and director David Bettencourt, is an exclusive inside look at the people of fortune and their descendants who have made Newport a coveted address and summer destination since the mid-1800s.

BEHIND THE HEDGEROW will premiere at the 2010 Rhode Island International Film Festival. The movie trailer will be shown publicly for the first time in Newport on Aug. 13, 2009, at the Redwood Library, one of the many local and state institutions that is assisting Miller, Bettencourt and their crew with the film.

BEHIND THE HEDGEROW is the second title from Miller and Bettencourt’s non-profit Eagle Peak Media production company. ON THE LAKE: Life and Love in a Distant Place, Eagle Peak’s first title, premiered in February to critical acclaim. PBS broadcasts in major national markets began in March and continue today. The DVD has recently been released.

More, including a blog and how to follow production on Facebook and Twitter, is available at www.EaglePeakMedia.com and www.BehindTheHedgerow.com.
(This is not a RIFC Production)


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