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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Theatre Opportunity For Actors

Here is a theatre opportunity for actors if anyone is interested….


For TIG, a retelling of Sophocles’ Antigone by Ben Jolivet, directed by Nancy Hoffman. TIG is set in modern times, focusing around a school shooting at the hands of Tig’s brothers. To be performed at Perishable Theatre, June 12-15 and 19-22, 2008.


Tig (Antigone): Strong-willed, well-brought up, very liberal. The daughter of a former presidential candidate. She’s got a strong sense of right and wrong. Believes she’s not as smart as she’s supposed to be.

Ismene: Tig’s sister. Older than her years; motherly; a worrier. She’s pretty in a natural sort of way. A Botticelli.

Haemon: Tig’s boyfriend, Kreon’s son. Handsome, earnest, goofy, loyal, uncomplicated.

Kreon: A governor of a once-great New England mill-town state. Ambitious, conservative; perhaps a bit lost, but earnest and fierce in his convictions.

Polynices: Part ghost. Looks-wise, every inch the brother Tig and Ismene. A bit tortured, a bit awkward. He’s exactly the kind of kid you think he is: dark clothes, messy hair, heavy music, video games. Like his sisters he’s strong-willed, but can’t access it.

Chorus, Any age: M or F. Plays numerous roles, from the Radio and TV to a middle-class mother, Kreon’s political aide, Tig’s solemn and broken father, a night nurse at the morgue, and Tig’s popular, handsome, horny brother Eteoclese.

Perishable Theatre, 95 Empire Street Downtown Providence, 3rd Floor

Sat. April 26th 1pm-4pm
Sun. April 27th 3pm-5pm

*Please prepare a one-minute monologue, any style. Actors will also read sides from the play.*

Show dates are June 12-15 and 19-22 at Perishable Theatre, 2008.
Rehearsals will begin early May.
Questions: email Nancy at tigshow@gmail.com

Hoffman, a RISCA award winner, was the author of Midnight Mass, which featured Jolivet, and was named one of 2007’s Year’s Best by the Providence Phoenix. She is a Visiting Asst. Professor of Theatre at Connecticut College in New London. Jolivet is an Artistic Associate with Culture Park in New Bedford, MA. His previous plays include last summer’s Lizzie Borden is a Bitch!

(This is not an RIFC Production!)


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