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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Redesign Radio Website (bsrlive.com)

This comes to us from Toni P., MergingArts Productions/Spoiler Alert Radio:

BSR, Brown Student & Community Radio, is seeking a Providence-based artist/designer to redesign bsrlive.com. The redesign project seeks to improve the functionality and manageability of our online home by better highlighting our unique content in an original way (designers familiar with bsrlive.com should know that we will not be modifying the functionality of our current archiving system).

Tuning in to bsrlive.com, listeners can hear anything ranging from a noise-rock band performing live in-studio, to Off the Beat covering underrepresented local news, to interviews with independent filmmakers on Spoiler Alert. All designs should respect this level of diversity. Designers will be afforded significant creative control throughout the project and will work with station leadership from conception to implementation.

BSR is Brown Student & Community Radio. We are a Providence-based, non-commercial radio station sustained by student and community volunteers who value quality programming, localism, and education.

For over ten years, BSR has been dedicated to providing creative, diverse, and intellectually engaging programming. We broadcast in Providence from 7 PM to 5 AM on 88.1FM, WELH, and stream online 24/7 at bsrlive.com.

Website Design: Easily navigable; strong artistic identity differentiating it from other radio websites. Website Maintenance:
User-friendly web publishing, including editing web pages, updating web pages, and creating web pages (PHP), Dynamic content which updates automatically and informs users of "what they missed" ( e.g. Calendars, Current program, Event recently added) (RSS).

BSR would like to work with a single contractor from concept to implementation; however, individuals with experience in only a
particular aspect of the project (e.g. graphic design, coding) are still encouraged to apply.

Production schedule: Non-functioning draft due: Feb. 20, 2008; functioning draft: Mar. 20, 2008. Final Delivery Due: Apr. 4, 2008.

Please include the following information in a 2-3 page build plan:
Executive summary – what web design experience do you have (samples recommended), and why does this project interest you specifically?;
Approach and Methodology – what technologies and software do you anticipate using for this project?;
Project Management Approach – at what intervals do you intend to complete portions of this project?;
Deliverables – what files will be provided to BSR upon completion, and what restrictions will be placed upon the use of these materials?;
Budget – We ask that designers submit budgets along with their proposals; and while this will be a fully funded project, we remind them that we are a non-commercial radio station with limited resources, and thus, price will be a factor in our decision.

BSR, Brown Student and Community Radio reserves the right to: Withdraw this RFP and discontinue this project without obligation or explanation; Reject any or all offers and discontinue this project without obligation or liability to prospective consultant(s); Accept a proposal other than the lowest priced offer; Award more than one contract for completion of this project.

Please submit proposals to info@bsrlive.com.

(This is not an RIFC Event.)


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