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Tuesday, January 1, 2008


This comes to us from: L. Sebastian and J R.A. Schaefer

Hello all RIFC members, Please help out fellow local film-makers by voting on a video that was produced here in RI. The artist is Josh Zuckerman and his new music video was shot in Feb and started airing on the MTV channel LOGO in July, and after six months of airing the video is currently at #1, and we're hoping it will stay there and win best video of 2007. Here's what to do to vote for it...

to vote for Josh Zuckerman- Something Inside video...
Go Online: URL: logoonline.com

Navigate to "watch videos" on the home page, click on the guy with the head phones on: (Right side, brings you to - logoonline.com/music/

click on "The Clicklist" or under it on "vote now" (brings you to - http://www.logoonline.com/shows/dyn/the_click_list/videos.jhtml)

Select Josh Zuckerman "Something Inside" from the list and submit...It says to enter your email info but you don't have to...

Something inside music video
Directed by Lara Sebastian
Produced by Five Points Productions and J R. A. Schaefer, in association with wutup productions
DOP - J R. A. Schaefer
additional footage & AC - Mark Aubrey
2nd AC - Royce Hayter


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