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Friday, May 7, 2010


Scott Crowningshield and friends are filming a new short film the first week of June and are in need of TWO very important things:

First is a mouse or rat to play the part of a lab rodent. Don’t worry, no actual experiments will be conducted and in fact your furry friend needs no talent for this part. If he or she can sit in a cage and look like a rodent then we want it! Half day of filming your mouse = $50 for you.

Second is the use of a larger than average kitchen. Style doesn’t matter much, but we’re hoping for a kitchen with room for a small table for two and an oven that faces the middle of the room. Colorful walls and higher ceilings are helpful, too. The problem is that we’ll need two full weekend days to shoot our scenes. It’s quite an imposition, we know, and therefore we will be offering a little CASH in return.

Please contact Scott at sm@sublux.net or 617-640-0185 for details. A little more info on the short can be found at www.sublux.net/BOG. Thank you!
(This is not an RIFC Production)


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