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Friday, December 11, 2009

Support Your Local Filmmakers

The Rhode Island Film & TV Office urges you to support your local independent filmmakers by attending showings of any or all of the following locally made films:

MAILBOX FAIRY, 12/13/09 at 4:30PM & 8PM
The New Park Cinema, Cranston

The romantic comedy "Mailbox Fairy" takes place in Hope Island and is about a dork named Artie (Ryan Hanley) who doesn't have anything positive in life going for him. His everyday life consists of working at the diner as a bus boy, hanging out with his much younger friends, BeeBee (Gracie Rennick), Bobby (Andrew Cavanaugh), Brandon (Zack Turnquist) and Chu Chu (David Try) and wishing he was Lynn Nutmeg's boyfriend, who is the owner of the diner.

Artie lives with his grandmother (Mary Paolino), who is a Karate and Tae Kwon Do freak and is the only person Artie has to look up to. Grandma encourages Artie to chase after Lynn and not give up on her. Artie then discovers he has a magical talent. He can make beautiful and amazing mailboxes out of wood. This talent then leads him to this idea that by replacing the damaged mailboxes on Hope Island with new ones, he'll be mentioned in the newspaper and it will get Lynn's attention.

About the Film Maker: Panos Trikoulis wrote, produced and directed "Mailbox Fairy". He graduated from Johnston High School, the University of Hartford with a Mass Media Degree, the University of Richmond in London with a Communications Degree, and the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles with a Film Degree specializing in Directing and Cinematography. Panos then spent five years working on commercials, films (independent and features), soaps and television in Los Angeles and San Diego. Between 2008 and 2009 Panos, along with local film actors and crew, created the independent romantic comedy "Mailbox Fairy". For additional information contact him at www.Mailboxfilm.com or ptricks71@yahoo.com.

The premiere will be preceded by a red carpet event.

DEATH FORCE, 12/12/09 at 11PM
Entertainment Cinemas, 30 Village Sq. Dr., Wakefield
"Death Force" makes it's South County premiere on Saturday, 12/12/09. If you missed the premiere at the Cable Car, or if you want to see "Death Force" bigger, louder and more intense, this is the venue for you.

Don't miss out. Tickets are only $5 this time around. Tee Shirts will be sold for $10, DVDs $12, Tactical Bandannas $5. If you attended the Cable Car screening and want to see it again, your cost is only $1!

For more information visit www.12gaugepictures.com.

LUMBERJACKING, 12/23/09 at 7PM
Avon Cinema, Providence

For additional information contact Director Rich Camp at hello@richcamp.me.

See you at the movies!
(These are not RIFC Productions)


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