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Friday, September 18, 2009


KILL EVERYONE (a comedy/horror) is a modern day 80's style "slasher" film which mocks the genre as a whole, making you laugh one minute and then scaring you the next. Kill Everyone was filmed exclusively in the state of Rhode Island in the cities of North Kingstown, Warwick, and Pawtucket throughout the summer of 2009.

KILL EVERYONE: Jerry Hill, a deceitful and corrupt film professor who uses his students to make trashy and distasteful horror movies for his own profit, escorts his students to a cabin deep in the woods of Maine to shoot the film “Killer in the Woods”. There they find what was thought to be only a legend is in fact true as the killer in the woods sets out to KILL EVERYONE!!!

Title: Kill Everyone
Production Company: AnyTek Productions
Written By: Richard Tobin Jr.
Produced By: Michael Vallier II
Directed By: Richard Tobin Jr. and Michael Vallier II
Starring: Richard Tobin Jr., Caitlin Robert, Kaitlyn Bouchard, Amy Lee
Connell, Najwa Rosdi, Ben Carter, Jason Kindschy, Ryan Tully, Keith
Braaten, Jamal Stutts and Nathan Maphis.

KILL EVERYONE introduces a new, young and fresh cast to the southern New England indie film scene. Each character was carefully crafted to fit just about every type of personality for a great mix of humor. Follow these students and their film professor as they venture deep into the woods of Maine to shoot a mocumentary of the legend, “Killer in the Woods”.

THE LEGEND: “Killer in the Woods” is a legend of a serial killer back in the mid 80’s, forced to hide in exile deep in the wilderness. After finding a deserted cabin outside the small town of Fryeburg and claiming it home, he begins to adapt back into society. With the urge to kill still boiling within his blood and the lack victims coming across his path, he sets out to find a new way to attract fresh meat.
His new way is internet blogging on a social network site called my-buddy-space.com where he lures his audience in and finishes them off.

KILL EVERYONE is the 1st feature film produced by AnyTek productions, Richard Tobin Jr. and Michael Vallier II and shot completely in Rhode Island. Although this is their first feature film, filmmaking is not new to these two. Together they have been working close for the past 5 years on many short films, music videos and various projects for local clients.

RICHARD TOBIN JR., Creator, Director and Co-Producer of Kill Everyone, has been an avid horror enthusiast since seeing “Night of The Living Dead” on late night television. His knowledge and love of the horror genre inspired him to write his own scripts including Zombie University which ran on the RI Public access cable channel for two years starting in 2005. Richard has also appeared in several locally
produced independent films such as Hecatomb and The Visitor as well as being a featured extra in two episodes of the Showtime series The Brotherhood.

MICHAEL VALLIER II, a US Army and Iraq War veteran, Producer and Co-Director of Kill Everyone has been making films for the past 8 years. While studding video production at New England Tech in Warwick, RI, Michael was running a fulltime production company, “Moon Drop Studios LLC” and getting a jump start in his career. He then spent a full year working in Washington, DC for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) as a Producer and Director for internal agency productions. He now primarily resides in Frankfurt Germany which expands AnyTek Productions to be a world wide production company.

KILL EVERYONE world premiere will be held at the Orpheum Theater in Foxboro, MA on November 6th 2009 at 6:00pm and is a part of New England’s newest horror themed film festival “Killer Film Fest” which is also created by Michael Vallier II and Richard Tobin Jr.

For more information on “Kill Everyone” please visit

For more information on “Killer Film Fest” please visit www.killerfilmfest.com

For interviews with Richard Tobin Jr. or Michael Vallier II and to
acquire any photos of the production, please contact:
Michael Vallier II, Marketing Director
Cell Phone: 401-206-2347
(This is not an RIFC Production)


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