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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"DEATH FORCE" Debuts Aug. 29

Death Force

The Red King's organization,
THE MAJESTICTWELVE, has all but disbanded.

His prized possession has fallen into the hands of the traderous Chimera (Shanette Wilson), and the ruthless Red King (Brinton MacFarland) has dispatched his most loyal, and lethal assassins, The Hydra (Danielle Tellier), The Cerberus (Phokus) and The Hanged Man (Christopher Gorham) to regain what is his.
The Chimera, once the Red King's number one, has her own allies and agenda however, but can anyone be trusted?

DEATH FORCE is the first feature from 12 Gauge Pictures, a group of 5 crew members and numerous actors who maintain the independent spirit of filmmaking. We contest that it is not the budget of a film that makes it good; it is the determination and quality of the actors and crew that make it truly great.

DEATH FORCE makes it world wide debut August 29th, and is graciously hosted by the breath taking Columbus Theater located at 270 Broadway in Providence RI. There will be 2 showings at 7 and 9PM. Shirts, tactical bandannas, mini one sheet posters, and DVD's will be available in the lobby.

Tickets: Now on sale at www.12gaugepictures.com & www.deathforcemovie.com for $7 and will be $10 at the door.

August 29th
Columbus Theatre
270 Broadway, Providence
7pm and 9pm Showings

(This is not an RIFC Production)


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