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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Casting for "The Intensive" in Boston

FROM: Blythe Pistole, EPA for "The Intensive," a Micro-budget independent feature filming in Boston beginning in November.

"The Intensive"

Last Tango in Paris meets The Piano.

What will the film reveal when a Writer, his Mentor, a Director, and his Actress, all insist on the final cut?

A promising writer, Adrian Pallo has his screenplay acquired for an Independent film starring his wife, Suzanne Liu-Pallo. The film's director, Maxwell Haliday, is married to a well known workshop director/ actress "Galena Votros". Suzanne has been critical of Adrian's inability to break free of what she calls his conservative tendencies. His reluctance to explore and expand his main characters' innate demons and conflicts through visual sexual resolution, is stifling his re-write of this project and squandering an opportunity to establish himself as a viable contemporary risk taker while limiting her character's arc.

Max (her proclaimed emotional visionary) sees this as a natural and necessary progression for her character's journey. This has added to their already tremulous relationship. Suzanne insists Adrian take Galena's radically aggressive workshop. He reluctantly submits and soon learns that looking deeply into one's true inhibitions may bring to focus their true desires and rightful direction.

Casting 1 Non-Union Actress/Principal Role for Feature (80 Min.) Drama, Boston Area~*November Shoot*~14 Days + Production duration.

An Absolutely Solid Script.~ "The Intensive", A Serious, Potent, Dialogue Driven Drama. Strong Local Media Connections. High-Level Festival Bound.*Our last short was screened at Cannes this past May and Is courting distribution offers.*

Seeking Actress,

Asian, ~ Age Range 30-35+ No visible accent/ Attractive, Thin to average build. Medium/Long hair, Average Ht. 5'3" +.
Suzanne: Intelligent, Confident, Sensitive, Daring, Aggressive when it's advantageous. Artistic, Serious, but Sensual; Married, Actress.

A Couple of F.A.Q.'s:

Q. Will there be any cash payment(s) for this role?
A. No. There is a modest budget. However, food, copy, credit, and some trans.exp. will be supplied for this role.

Q. Will there be partial nudity?
A. Some

Q. Frequent (many, many) scene & character rehearsals?
A. Of course.

Q. Some highly erotic sexually suggestive physical scenes?
A. Yes.

Q. Serious dialogue devoted prep?
A. Definitely. **

Q. Is this a soft core porn film?
A. NO FREAKIN WAY! Erotic, very direct in 2-3 scenes? Yes. Suggestive and relevant in 3-4 scenes? Yes. But this is a relationship drama, and it's driven by character, dialogue, reaction, emotion, situation and story arc as the 100 other scenes reveal.

Long résumés or 100 years experience not required. However, vision, progressive artistic attitude and willingness to listen, consider and contribute are required. We're not looking for script robots or over the top stage types. The dialogue is heavy and interpretation is key.

If interested and feel you could handle this level of commitment, you must send your head shot, résumé, and a note explaining why you feel your attitude and approach may be right for this role. This film will be a career booster.

All replies that do not contain these requirements will be deleted immediately. We know the difficult process we face in casting and producing this project and don't have the will or desire to waste our or your time.

Of course, copy, credit & meals, plus deferred percentage, are included.

Please reply as soon as possible. This project is moving forward fast.
Franco Trombino. USE THIS EMAIL to REPLY: intensive.the.film@gmail.com

Casting Feature film: Boston. Mid-November shoot. Seeking actress's/actors for 15 supporting roles. Seeking females ages 18-35. Females ages 40-70. Males ages 20-30, Latino males ages 20-25. Males ages 60-70. Please reply w/HS/Res. Deferred pay Only.Union/Non-union.

This is not an RIFC Production


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