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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This comes to us from Jamie Dufault:

Five URI students (Patrick Bosworth, Jamie Dufault, Jesse Dufault, Joseph Kidawski and Devon Decker) also participated in the Apple Insomniac 24 Hour Student Challenge. The students are all film majors or theatre majors at the University of Rhode Island. The film was shot on the URI campus. Here is the link to their entry:



This is a non RIFC Production.

View Two Year Old Actress in "Dan in Real Life"

This comes to us from Sherry Lussier:


You mentioned Dan In Real Life in this e-mail so I thought that, as a Rhode Islander, I'd share a bit! My daughter Jessica (now 3 yrs. old) played Jessica Burns (2yrs. old) in Dan In Real Life and she actually had her picture taken on the red carpet at the premiere in Hollywood last week! I thought that you might like to see it, so here's the link!!!

(It takes a minute to load. Scroll down toward the bottom and you'll see her in her blue and white dress with the blue bow in her hair. Then click on her image and it will get larger so you can actually see her!)


Sherry Lussier

This is a non RIFC Production

Monday, October 29, 2007

Open Casting Call for "Don't Eat me" This Saturday

Open casting call for:

"Don't Eat Me"

An RIFC Production

on Saturday, November 3, 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM

at The KLR Building, 951 North Main St. Providence, RI

RIFC’s next official film is now in pre-production, and we’re looking for convincing zombies among our actors. No monologues or prior preparation needed – actors will be provided with a script to read from at the audition. Please e-mail your headshot and resume to talent@rifcfilms.com, and bring a copy with you at the audition.

Hunter 1
Male, age 30 to 45 : Burly looking, facial hair, imperfections, on the larger size for height and weight. This is a type-A typical alpha male, who is infected with a sickness. He is scared for his life pleading for help before finally turning into a zombie.

Hunter 2
Male, age 30 to 45 : Burly looking, facial hair, imperfections. Hunter two is less dominant, more feeble. He's apprehensive about helping his friend out of fear for his own health. His conscious gets the better of him and decides to help.

Female, Age 23 to 30: Uniquely beautiful , average height and weight. Compassionate, understanding and fun to be around. She is a single mom who can have a temper when pushed.

3 Females
Females, Ages 35 to 45: average to slightly over weight, unattractive or can be made to appear to be unattractive. These three women are either single or divorced. They're voice's are horse, they tell bad jokes, they drive Camerro's and love guys. They have no shame in who they might bring home for the night, they prefer younger man, but it really doesn't matter.

Carol St. Gene
Female, Age 70+. Carol's husband passed away several years ago, she never remarried and still loves him unconditionally. Carol is soft spoken, reserved and traditional. Although she is not afraid to speak her mind about what she thinks is right.

Male, Age 70+. Walter is even keeled, kind of oblivious to his surroundings. He'll try to make you feel at home but can almost creep you out while doing so. He believes its important to in stare a person in the eye's when talking to them. He loves magic tricks, the old pull the quarter out of your ear, I got your nose kind of stuff.

Local Student Filmmaker Needs Your Help!

This call for votes was relayed to us by Daniel Lee White:

As many of you know the stress of the 48 Hour Film Project, you can be empathetic to local student filmmaker Steve Sweeney who took on the stressfull challenge of the Apple Insomniac 24 Hour Student Challenge. He came down here from Boston to shoot in Rhode Island! After utilizing many local RI talent and resources he now needs our help! He needs votes for his film and you can help him!

Visit: http://edcommunity.apple.com/insomnia_fall07/item.php?itemID=402&condition=2 to view the film “I Smell Coffee”, then logon or create an Apple account to rate his film and help him win! Help support your local filmmaker to success which in turn gives our community and resources more exposure.

This is not an RIFC production

Location Manager & Hair/Makeup Needed ASAP

This request for crew comes to us from the Chaos Pictures folks who created "The End" for this year's 48 Hour Film Project:

Our team is participating in the Fall Shootout and some of our members are not available to do this one. We are looking for a new location manager (ASAP) and a new hair/makeup person if anyone is interested. The Fall Shootout is Nov 2-4 weekend. Contact Janine directly at nineja@gmail.com.

The director John O'Neil and producer Janine Moore of the 48HFP winning film for Providence 2007 are also screening their 3minute comedic short film "Bad Baby" before Psycho on Monday at the Jane Pickens in Newport!

This is not an RIFC production

Sunday, October 28, 2007

LDI's Open House

This announcement comes courtesy of Anne at LDI casting:

OPEN HOUSE planned for Saturday - November 17 2:00–5:00PM. See the new LDI office! Have some food and drink - mingle with fellow actors and chat with Steve Feinberg, Director of RI Film and TV office and Michael Corrente, Film Director.
LDI Open House is doing double duty as a benefit for the Elizabeth Buffam Chace Center in Warwick. Bring one item from the list below and that will be your "ticket" in!

Elizabeth Buffam Chace Center is a safe, confidential shelter for women and children fleeing abusive relationships. Residents are provided with all basic needs (meals, linens, toiletries) and take part in a program that includes education about domestic violence, advocacy and referrals, in-house support and educational groups, parenting classes, specialized children’s services. For more info: www.ebccenter.org

Diaper Wipes
Body Wash
Paper plates/cups
Table Napkins
Toilet paper
Latex and vinyl disposable gloves
Hand soap and sanitizer in pump containers (Refill size always welcome)
Cleaning supplies (Pine Sol, bleach, bathroom and shower cleaners, sponges) Refill size always welcome
Trash bags (13 gallon tall kitchen, 30 gallon large bags)
Laundry Detergent/liquid or powder
Fabric softener/Dryer sheets
Gift certificates in any amount:
WalMart, Target
Brooks/Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens
Prepaid phone cards for landline phones/no cells
Burger King/McDonald’s/Wendy’s gift certificates
Journals, Spiral Bound notebooks

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"The Price of Suger" in Cambridge

This comes to us from the Film Collaborative: (NOT RIFC)

The Price of Sugar
Directed by Bill Haney
Produced by Eric Grunebaum
Co-written and Edited by Peter Rhodes
Narrated by Paul Newman

NOVEMBER 9-15, 2007
Kendall Sq. Cinema, Cambridge

On the Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic, tourists flock to pristine beaches, with little knowledge that a few miles away thousands of dispossessed Haitians are under armed guard on plantations harvesting sugarcane, most of which end up in US kitchens. Cutting cane by machete, they work 14 hour days, 7 days a week, frequently without access to decent housing, electricity, clean water, education, healthcare or adequate nutrition. The Price of Sugar follows a charismatic Spanish priest, Father Christopher Hartley, as he organizes some of this hemisphere's poorest people, challenging the powerful interests profiting from their work. This film raises key questions about where the products we consume originate, at what human cost they are produced and ultimately, where our responsibility lies.

Kendall Sq. Cinema

This is a non RIFC Production.

Boston Jewish Film Festival Presents:

Sneak Preview of the Fine Cut
At Home in Utopia
Director: Michal Goldman
Co-Producer: Ellen Brodsky
shown as part of the Boston Jewish Film Festival, co-presented by Filmmakers Collaborative

Sunday, November 11
3:30 pm
Museum of Fine Arts
In person: Michal Goldman

Filmmaker Michal Goldman traces the fascinating history of the United Workers Cooperative Colony - a.k.a. "The Coops" - one of four cooperative apartments built in the Bronx in the 1920's by visionary Jewish garment workers. A portrait of secular Jewish values, Black-Jewish integration, Communists and immigrants catapulting out of tenement life, Goldman's documentary is a must-see.

This is a non RIFC Production.

Matzo and Mistletoe

This comes to us from Filmmakers Collaborative: (NOT RIFC)

Matzo and Mistletoe
by Kate Feiffer
Boston Premiere showing in the Boston Jewish Film Festival, co-presented by Filmmakers Collaborative

Thursday, November 8, 2007, 7 pm
Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline

In person: Kate Feiffer

As a child, Kate Feiffer celebrated Christmas and never even thought about attending synagogue. Imagine her surprise upon learning she is Jewish! With a deft, sure touch, and with interview subjects such as Mike Wallace and Alan Dershowitz, Kate ponders the paradox of secular Judaism and explores the age-old question: Who is a Jew?

This is a non RIFC Production.

Forgotten Ellis Island

This comes to us from Filmmakers Collaberative: (Not RIFC)

by Lorie Conway
Sunday, October 28th
12 noon
Remis Auditorium, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Forgotten Ellis Island: The Extraordinary Story of American's Immigrant Hospital tells the story of one of the world's greatest public hospitals ever built. As America's first line of defense against immigrant-borne disease, the hospital was where the germs of the world converged. This powerful documentary features many never before published photographs and compelling, sometimes heart breaking stories of patients and medical staff.

Tickets available through MFA.org


Monday, October 22, 2007

Festival of Inferior Rhymes

This comes to us from Gene Doucette:

The Bad Poets Society! Mankind's Worst Poetry from The Age of Shakespeare to the Modern Age!

Poe, Shakespeare, Longfellow. Great Poets are eternal. Alas, none of them will be an appearance anywhere near the Bad Poets Society, a loving & hilarious tribute to the world's worst verse from the inept poesy of Scotland's William McGonagall, to Edgar Guest America's own "Bard of the Banal".

Don't Miss this Unique Festival of Inferior Rhymes!

Friday November 9th at 8pm

The Spiegel Auditorium AKA The Blacksmith House
56 Brattle Street
Harvard Square
Cambridge Ma.

Admission: $5 cheap!!!

November is Bad Poetry Month!!"

This is not an RIFC production


This comes from Goldilocks Productions:

When: Early November 2007- Date TBA
Where: Elm Draught House Cinema
35 Elm St. Millbury, MA
Submission Genre: ANY!
Submission Cost: $20
Submission Deadline: Oct. 25th 2007

Make checks payable to Goldilocks Productions

Mail to: Goldilocks Productions
c/o Amy Devlin
5 Emily St.
Worcester, MA 01606

Goldilocks Productions will be hosting the first Independent Film Night at the historic Elm Draught House Cinema in Downtown Millbury. This is the first of many to come. Submit your films for consideration today!

The Independent Short Film night at the Elm will headline another showing of Third Date (www.thirddatemovie.com) which premiered last month at Showcase Cinemas to a full house with over 800 people!

Check out the historic Elm Draught House Cinema located conveniently off Rt. 146 in Downtown Millbury. They serve beer and wine in addition to traditional movie snacks, with comfy couches and great seating. For more information on the Elm, check them out on Cinema Treasures @ http://cinematreasures.org/theater/14310/

If your film doesn’t get chosen this time around…don’t FRET! We will be holding all submissions and will reconsider them for future screenings.

Please e-mail us for more information at elmfilmscreenings@yahoo.com .

Please include Name, Address, Phone Number and Email Address when submitting the film. DVD’s only please!

This is not an RIFC production.

'Mercury' Movie Night in Newport

This comes to us from the Jane Pickins Theater:

'Mercury' Movie Night Presents: A theatrical screening of Alfred Hitchcocks "Psycho" at the Jane Pickens Theater in Newport, Monday October 29th at 6:30pm.

ALSO included in this venue: A special sneak-preview screening of the locally produced film: "The Suitcase" directed by David J. Garfield. Enjoy the first segment of this creepy psychological thriller currently being filmed in Bristol and Warren, RI.

Again, the show begins at 6:30 on Monday October 29th, and tickets are only $5.00 at the box office.

The address and phone number for more information are below:

Jane Pickens Theater & Event Center
49 Touro St
Newport, RI 02840
(401) 846-5252

This is a non RIFC Production.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Movie Premiere/RIFC Fundraiser

This comes to us from Kris Avedisian:

Providence movie premiere/Fundraiser

Three Tears, a Prince, and a Forest will be having its Rhode Island
premiere at the Columbus Theater on November 6, show time is 7:30.
The trailer, which played at this year's 48 hour film festival, can be
viewed on youtube, at:

Importantly, the proceeds will go towards funding the RIFC's next tier
one project DONT EAT ME.

Please come help support your local filmmakers! Hollywood is not
knocking on our door just yet and this is why we need viewers to come
out and see the film, and thereby help fund our next project. This is
hopefully the first of many films to come, and it is at this level
that we need your community support the most. We hope to see you
November 6th!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

IIFF New England Townhall Meeting (November 2007)

November 15, 2007

6:00 pm ET - 10:00 pm ET

Palace Production Center
29 North Main Street
Norwalk, CT 06854

Hosted By Institute for Int'l Film Financing (IIFF)

The Institute for International Film Financing (IIFF) is an innovative, independent social-impact organization that endeavors to bridge the gap between the worlds of filmmaking and finance for the benefit of all stakeholders — including the public at large.

IIFF was founded in 2003 and incorporated in California as a not-for-profit, public benefit corporation. Headquartered in San Francisco, IIFF currently has chapters in the SF Bay Area, New York City, New England, Florida, and Los Angeles.

Join our community mailing list at http://forum.filmfinancing.org!

One-Time Screenings from IFFBoston

IFFBOSTON SCREENING SERIES PRESENTS two amazing one-time screenings:


This is a ONE TIME ONLY screening at the Somerville Theatre Tuesday, October 23rd at 7:30, 55 Davis Square, Somerville. Master filmmaker Sidney Lumet directs this absorbing suspense thriller about a family facing the worst enemy of all-—itself. Oscar-winner Philip Seymour Hoffman, ETHAN HAWKE, the pair will rob a suburban mom-and-pop jewelry store that appears to be the quintessential easy target. The problem is, the store owners are Andy and Hank's actual mom and pop.

The Coen Brothers’ latest film: NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN.

This is a ONE TIME ONLY screening at the Somerville Theatre Monday, October 22 at 7:30, 55 Davis Square, Somerville. NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN is a mesmerizing new thriller based on the acclaimed novel by Pulitzer Prize winning American master Cormac McCarthy. The time is our own, when rustlers have given way to drug-runners and small towns have become free-fire zones. Featuring a cast that includes Oscar-winner Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin (GRINDHOUSE), Oscar-nominee Javier Bardem (THE SEA INSIDE), Oscar-nominee Woody and Kelly Macdonald (TRAINSPOTTING).

Admission is FREE but passes are required. Check back at the IFFBoston website in a few days to download passes. www.iffboston.org

This is a non-FIFC Production.

Monday, October 15, 2007

RHODYWOOD to Show RIIF Horror Film Festival

This comes to us from Anthony Demings:

RHODYWOOD has been selected as one of several venues showing the RIIF Horror Film Festival @ the www.BrooklynCoffeeTeahouse.com in Providence. Show time is:

Thursday 10/18 and Saturday 10/20 from 7pm -9pm. Limited seating. $10

For more film info and other site filming locations, please go to www.rifilmfest.org

RHODYWOOD is also having its first "Open Mic To The Filmmakers" on:

Thursday, October 25th 7:30pm --9:30p These events will be Streaming live on the net

Anthony Demings


This is a non RIFC Production.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Crew Needed for End of November

This comes to us from Chuck Slavin:

He is looking to put together a strong crew for a possible two day shoot at the end of November. This is a non-union job, but copy and credit will be given. All interested please email him at chuckslavin@verizon.net The shoot will take place in the Boston area.

This is a non-RIFC Production.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Sleather" Needs Grips for Sunday

This comes to us From Nick Delmenico:

Sleather needs grips for Sunday!

Yes, Sleather is shooting this Sunday, October 14, and is looking for grips with experience or interest in learning how to rig a 12x12. Not sure what that is? Inquire!

Please call Nick at (401) 345-9002 or email productionteam@sleathermovie.com for more details.

View TWO trailers and more at www.SleatherMovie.com!

This is an RIFC Production.

Seeking Area Performing Artists

This comes to us from The Artists' Exchange:

Artists' Exchange Seeks Area Performing Artists for Large-Scale Variety Show:

Cranston, RI – Calling all dancers, singers, magicians, acrobats and plate-spinners! The Artists' Exchange will host the 2nd Annual "Salute to Vaudeville" at the Stadium Theatre Performing Arts Center in Woonsocket, RI this coming spring.

"Salute to Vaudeville" is a one-of-a-kind show designed to showcase a variety of talents, everything from music, dance and theatre to less conventional acts such as barbershop quartets, contortionists and variety acts. The event tips a hat to the variety shows of old, both in scale and content.

Any and all talents, both individual and groups are welcome to audition. Auditions will take place on Saturday, November 3 rd and 10th from 11am to 3pm at the Black Box Theatre at the Artists' Exchange. Call 401.490.9475 to reserve a slot.


Rich Morra/Tom Chace
Artists' Exchange
50 Rolfe Street Cranston, RI 02910

This is a non-RIFC Production.

Production Help Needed at R.I. Energy Conference

This comes to us from Paul A. Roselli:

Production help needed for series of spot interviews at Rhode Island energy conference.

Needed production help includes grip and audio boom operator.

Date needed: October 14, 2007 from 10am till about 2pm
Location: 801 Greenwich Avenue, Crowne Plaza, Warwick. Free parking is available.

Situation: Spot interviews with conference attendees at the Energy Resources Expo at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Warwick. Video programs and interviews will be posted on the Apeiron Institute web site and include environmentally responsive information to energy creation and use challenges.

Unfortunately, there is no compensation except I will buy or provide lunch.
Contact information: Paul A. Roselli, Studio - 568-5781 or Mobile - 447-1560

Corporate Film & Video Productions, LLC
Paul A. Roselli
Studio - 401/568-5781 • Mobile - 401/447-1560

This is a non-RIFC Production.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Open Call for the 12th Annual RIIFF is ongoing with a Reduced rate for Early Entrants:

The Rhode Island International Film Festival for independent film and video, is calling for entries to its 12th Anniversary Festival. The Festival will take place August 5-10, 2008 in the capital city, Providence and throughout scenic Rhode Island. Of special note is that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has elected to recognize the Rhode Island International Film Festival as a qualifying festival for the Short Films category for the Annual Academy Awards. With more than 3,000 film festivals worldwide, only 61 have this recognition.

The Festival is accepting shorts as well as feature- length films and videos. Films and videos must have been produced after 2004. The Rhode Island International Film Festival is one of only five broadly focused, independent festivals in New England accepting works of any type (dramatic, documentary, experimental, animation), on any subject matter, and in any genre. Filmmakers may enter their films either in competition or out of competition. Films in competition will be judged by a jury of distinguished industry professionals, peers and film fans. Whether in or out of competition, all films will be eligible for Audience Fest Favorites awards (The Viola M. Marshall Awards).

The Festival offers an artistic exchange as well as opportunities for the global creative community that are not available in the established entertainment industry. It is designed to foster contact among film directors, producers, distributors, backers and audiences.

Please note that our Early Deadline is January 15th and has a reduced entry fee.

This is a non RIFC Production.

RIIFF Salutes National Hispanic Heritage Month

This comes to us from the Rhode Island International Film Festival:

"SELENA" to be Given Free Public Screening

To celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, The Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF) will present a free screening of the critically acclaimed film "Selena" at the Providence Public Library, 150 Empire Street, downtown Providence, on October 11th. The show will begin at 5:15 p.m. in the library's auditorium

"Selena" is the true story of the talented Mexican- American performer Selena Quintanilla-Perez, who was the most popular Latin singer at the time of her tragic death at the age of only 23 years in 1995. The film stars Jennifer Lopez- in her first major starring role- and Edward James Olmos; it is directed by Gregory Nava.

Limited edition movie t-shirts are available free to the first thirty audience members. For more information, contact the Rhode Island International Film Festival office : 401-861-4445 or the Providence Public Library 401-455-8000.

This is not an RIFC Production.

Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival

This comes to us from the Rhode Island International Film Festival:

43 Films from across the globe play at venues throughout the Ocean State

Ghouls, Goblins, Zombies, and Ghosts will all make an appearance on the big screen as the Rhode Island International Film Festival unwraps its eighth annual Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival, October 18-21st. In addition to its traditional spooky fare, this year's festival includes programming at locations across the state of Rhode Island and a salute to local filmmakers.

The Horror Film Festival is an eerie-sistable salute to a genre often overlooked. It will include numerous world premieres of shorts and features including the best horror films submitted in competition from across the globe. In all, over forty three films will be presented during a four-day period. Locations include downtown Providence and Narragansett, RI.

This is not an RIFC Production.

Friday, October 5, 2007

International Performance Conference in Slovenia

"Performing Arts Today"

April 14 - 17, 2008
Bovec, Slovenia - in the heart of Julian Alps

The conference is open to performers, performing arts educators and teachers from all over the world interested in the research of topical questions and processes in contemporary performing arts education and training.

At the moment the conference has been accepting applications for creative presentations.

Presentation format:
Workshop/master class
Work in progress
Performance fragment (not requiring any special technical conditions)
Any other way of demonstration to the presenter's discretion.

Details: http://www.iugte.com/projects/Conference.php

This is a non-RIFC Production.

Film Festival October 7

This next film festival Sunday, October 7th, in Boston comes to us from our friends up north at Midnight Chimes:

AND...there is a $1000 cash prize.

Sunday Night
October 7th
Improv Asylum
216 Hanover Street (north end)
Boston, MA 02113

7:30PM doors open...movies start at 8PM

Tickets are $15

Come down and help us win. If we do, we'll go out and I'll pay the first $500 for the bar tab.

Telephony AND Center for Downward Mobility are in it...BUT


This is a non-RIFC Production.

International Halloween Film Festival

This comes to us from Brandon Massey:

International Halloween Film Festival at Bristol Community College October 25th in room H101 9am-1pm.

Independent Film Maker Richard Griffin will be discussing how to make low budget films, get them into film festivals and distribute them internationally. There will also be a number of screenings.

This is a non-RIFC Production.

Apple's 24-Hour Challenge This Weekend

Apple has developed its own homage to the 48 Hour Film Project, a 24-hour challenge taking place this weekend.

Thanks to Murray Scott for letting us know about this! You can read more here: http://www.apple.com/education/insomnia

This is a non-RIFC Production.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

IIFF New England Townhall Meeting

This comes to us from the Institute for Int'l Film Financing (IIFF):

IIFF New England Townhall Meeting (October 2007)
Boston Premiere!

October 4, 2007

6:00 pm ET - 10:00 pm ET

Suffolk University Law School
120 Tremont Street
Sargent Hall, Room 170
Boston, MA 02108

Hosted By
The Institute for International Film Financing (IIFF) is an innovative, independent social-impact organization that endeavors to bridge the gap between the worlds of filmmaking and finance for the benefit of all stakeholders — including the public at large.

Founded in 2003, IIFF is incorporated in California as a not-for-profit, public benefit corporation. IIFF is headquartered in San Francisco and has chapters in the SF Bay Area, New York City, New England, Florida, Los Angeles, and Switzerland.

Join our community mailing list at http://forum.filmfinancing.org!

This is a non RIFC Production.